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Glowing Body Scrub & Mask
First, discover a smooth and glowing complexion with a special combination of Scrub Salt and Our Essential Oils to restore and replenish dull looking skin, leaving it soft and supple. This pampering treatment is an exquisite pleasure for the body and mind while it sloughs away dry and dehydrated skin to bring out the natural radiance of your beautiful skin and reveal that youthful glow.
Next comes Body Nourishing Treatment which is a complete beauty solution in itself. It nourishes the skin, gives it a glow, and even works on the cellulite.
This treatment not only exfoliates dead skin cells but also revitalizes tired skin. It also acts as an effective cleanser and skin softener, giving the skin an added moisture boost. Besides working its magic on skin, it also helps in slimming and toning of the body because of the inclusive wrap treatment. It helps you relax by loosening tight muscles and enhancing blood flow. For outstanding results, you can choose the right mask and wrap depending on your skin texture, tone and complexion. Because of its hydrating property, it also helps in reducing wrinkles. Due to its anti-stress properties, mask draws out impurities and flushes out toxins from the body. You can choose three kinds of scrub and mask.

(1) Lavender Scrub & Mask

(2) Pomegranate Scrub & Mask

(3) Green tea Scrub & Mask

90 mins MMK 70000