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Our Spa and Wellness Center, Established in 2023, Thailand Boutique House of Spa in Yangon, Myanmar is named Siam Lotus. We are named Siam Lotus for providing Authentic Traditional Thai Massage with Aromatic essential oils which uses an ancient natural healing therapy that has been around for centuries to promote relaxation and wellbeing. Our natural spa treatment offered through our caring hands and will gently escort our guests to their ease. We aim to be a bit different, the complete experience, the place you come to escape from the world outside, the pressures of work, the demands of family, the sheer non-stop nature of life today. This is about you, about taking an hour or two out of your busy schedule for some precious and indulgent ‘me’ time. We striveto provide to you a Superior Thai Massage that eases those tired muscles and rejuvenates flagging spirits. All of our therapists are qualified and professional. This is what they do, this is what they’re best at, this is what they take pride in. It’s no secret that at Siam Lotus we pay our therapists a bit more to ensure that we have only the best to ensure that we have only the best.